Magenta Voyeur is an ambitious 5-piece psych-rock group with a penchant for progressive rock. With collective inspiration coming from archetypal progressive bands and various art, funk, electronic and doom influences the band invoke what is described as ‘Wayfaring Psychedelia for the Thinking Mind.’ Using a wide range of FX on both guitar and bass, as well as a multitude of synthesizers and organs, Magenta Voyeur manipulate and sculpt a grandiose sound.

The band is first and foremost a live act with it’s mission to deliver performances which would have audiences grooving along whilst their mind is being taken aback with surprise after surprise.

Since its outset Magenta Voyeur have played many shows in Brisbane and Melbourne; having the pleasure of supporting the likes of Meat Puppets (USA), Lightning Bolt (USA) and Closure In Moscow. Also to note are performances at Jungle Love Festival, Progfest, Autumn Fest and five sold out Psych Night warehouse events (200-400+ Capacity) that are organised by the band.

Magenta Voyeur has become a tight powerhouse outfit that are captivating audiences everywhere they go.

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